Bring Caylee Home
A Benefit To Raise Money for Missing Children
$927.00 Was Raised for Missing Children

Our Next Missing Children's Benefit is Planned for
National Missing Kids Day May 25th 2009


To all the volunteers who helped make The Missing Childrenís Benefit at Speed Park Motorsports a huge success.

We want to thank you for looking beyond all the controversy and listening to your heart by helping in a great cause. You might think that because the turn-out and money raised was not as great as we would have liked that we failed, we did not fail


Because of great people like you we were able to move all the attention to where it should be first and foremost, The Missing Children. I am not sure that everyone knows he entire story of how this event came to be but I feel it is important that you know how it was accomplished in a very short time


Aaron and I do what is known as "Family Fun Night" every Friday night from 8pm to 12 midnight at Speed Park with games and music and the high striker going. We normally raise money for Camp Boggy Creek (the camp near Deland for terminally ill children) Aaron had a thought, well why we donít just take the donations from this Friday night and give it to an organization like The Kid Finders Network. After a phone call to Dan and Anthony at Speed Park they thought it was a good idea too. I have to tell you once it was approved by them Aaron took the ball and ran with it he contacted everyone he knew in the media. Working almost around the clock we worked the telephone, countless E-Mails, and personal pleas.  The event took on a life of its own and grew into something beyond our wildest dreams


Basically an event that should have taken a month to plan and pull off was brought together in one single busy week. Aaron and I worked for 48 hours straight without sleep the last 2 days prior to that Friday. We arrived at  Speed Park at 6 am the morning of the event and Aaron and Anthony were not able to leave until 4 am Saturday morning after the park was straightened up and ready to re=open on Saturday

The feeling in our hearts when all you volunteers began to arrive was like seeing the cavalry coming an we knew right away it was all going to fall right into place. To each and every one of you Thank you seems so little to say for everyone's hard work.

We hope the plan to make it a day that you were in charge of your own fate would help make it more enjoyable for everyone. The management at Speed Park has expressed interest in making this an annual event...can we count on you...just let us know if you would like to help. See you next year.

Again On Behalf Of Perfect DJ & Speed Park Motorsports we would like to thank you for all of your help.


Aaron Forsman ~ Owner/Operator  
Danny Wilkinson ~ Owner/Operator
Perfect DJ
(386) 801-9517

Dan Clark ~ General Manager
Anthony Lewis ~ Marketing Director

Speed Park Motorsports
(386) 253-FAST

Some Of Our Missing Kids

Trenton Duckett ~ Karissah Butler ~ Lorenzo Ayubo
Giovanni Harris ~ Bryan Dos Santos Gomes
Anastasia Argentova-Stevens ~ Kayanni Howard
Jennifer Kesse ~ Felix Quintero ~ Jessica Dominguez
Zachary Bernhardt ~ Caylee Marie Anthony



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